Welcome to the Collingswood Wine Club

The Collingswood Wine Club is a group of friends living in and around Collingswood, New Jersey that enjoy good wine and food. Our purpose is to learn about wine in a fun, social environment during regularly scheduled gatherings.

Everyone is Welcome

No matter where you live or your level of wine knowledge, everyone is welcome to join the Collingswood Wine Club. While our events are intended to be fun and social, our goal is to learn more about wine. So if you’re interested in learning more about wine, viticulture or pairing wine with food, the Wine Club is for you.

Wine Club Gatherings

The Collingswood Wine Club meets regularly to enjoy and discuss a selection of wines determined in advance. Meetings are normally held at a local restaurant or a member’s home where we often enjoy a meal, hors d’oeuvres or dessert.

Wine Club attendees evenly split the cost of the wine and food served at each meeting. Since affordability is an important component to our events, the average cost of wine per person is usually around $15.  Many of the area restaurants will offer us special menu’s of $35 or $45.

Wine club meetings are normally scheduled for the second Thursday of the month, however it can vary. Meetings are announced by both email and a post on The Collingswood Wine Club blog. Those interested in attending a meeting are asked to RSVP by the date specified.

How to Join

Joining the Collingswood Wine Club is free and easy. Simply leave a comment on a post with your name and email address (We will not post your comment). We will send you an email to confirm.